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About Our College

The Village Hallikhed.B. is one of the major villages of Bidar District. It is
30Kms away from Bidar it is very famous since pre-Historic rperiod days of
legends and myths.

Dispite it’s rich cultural heritage Hallikhed.B. lagged behind in social economic
and education fields but thanks to the philanthropic spirit of some enthusiasts
and educationist like sri.B.t-Ratnaka, Sri.Kakkappa.Shinde and Sri.Harsha.
Ratnakar a new ere of Educational renaissance has emerged in Bidar District many
puranic traditions of this puranic background are found in the surrounding areas
of Hallikhed.B. many historical records are available to prove that this village
was ruled by many royal dynasties among them the gynasts of chalukyas the
sindhas of rengero the chalukas was of kalyan can be mentioned.

The contribution of this village is great in the field of literature one
brazhishnu the eminent Jain poet was suppose to be born in this village in the
Xth century and wrote learned book called aradhana.

Even today Hallikhed.B. Villages is famous for sugar cane production, irrigation
and cattle breeding. The famous temple of Naganna devasthana is situated very
near in this village.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who was the Prime minister of the country then has
mentioned about his visit to the area in his famous book Discovery of India.

1987. Balavanth Rao Varaled Education society was setup by Dr.B.R.Ambedkar First
Grade College . In this village was a unique event in this progress of this
village. Balavanth Rao Varale Education Institution has taken a main partin this
spreading of Education in this region. This society has specially Catered to the
needs of the students of rural areas as established several schools and colleges
in this regions.

This society belong to the Scheduled Caste Category and gives more stress on the
upliftment of the backward and socially down trodden people besides this society
is striving for all round development of children who are deprived of
competitive atmosphere prevailing in town cities and metropolies it is the
matter of grate pride for us to mention that our society runs orphanage centre,
tailoring centers and several residential schools for the benefit of the poor
and needy people.

The aim and objectives of the society are inspired by noble aides of providing
excellent education to the students and inculate in them the higher moral values
and to develop new progressive social ideals among the youths.